Welcome to Hur.

Hur is an unofficial web application, with various administrative tools, specially designed for Jehovah's Witnesses' congregations.


Why is it called Hur?

As mentioned in Exodus 17:12, Aaron and Hur supported Moses' hands, when they were heavy during the fight against the Amalekites, so Jehovah enabled them to win. The purpose of this application is exactly the same: to support and facilitate the appointed men in Jehovah's people today.



With Hur, you can simplify usual tasks like:


  • Managing Publishers (with the ability to download an Excel list)
  • Managing Field Service Groups (with the ability to print for your congregation board)
  • Managing Responsibilities (with the ability of receiving reminders)


  • Managing Territories (Assignments, History, Printing)
  • Creating Territory Cards (Directly from map, or by importing coordinates)
  • Merging all territories into a Congregation Territory Map (useful to find unassigned or multi-assigned areas of the map, also having a color fluctuation based on territory coverage)
  • Assignment History per Publisher

Literature & Magazines

  • Managing Congregation Orders (with multiple languages)
  • Managing Publisher Orders (with colored labels for orders that exceed current congregation orders)
  • Managing Inventory (with the ability of creating monthly movement documents)

Field Ministry

  • Service Reports (monthly, per publisher and calculation of congrgegation totals and field service group averages, also giving the ability to print congregation's publisher records)
  • Field Service Meetings (with the ability of receiving reminders in Viber)

Public Witnessing (under construction)

  • Organizing Public Witnessing Schedules
  • Productiveness of Public Witnessing Locations


How to obtain access?

If you are interested in using Hur, please send us a message through the contact form.

Obviously, the use of our service is absolutely free. - Matthew 10:8

With Christian Love,
The Hur.gr Team